Monday, 19 March 2012

suspension system for AUDI TT (front axle)

Wishbones, ball joint and bracket

The ball joint is connected to the wishbone at three bolting points. compared to the Audi A3, the fastening bolt are integral part of a separate retaining element. the bolts and retaining element are inserted from above through the wishbone and ball joint. the wishbone is attached directly to the subframe at the inside front and to the body at the inside rear by means of an aluminium bracket.

The ball joint is in a lower position then on the Audi A3. The result is a higher centre of roll. this improves roll stabilization and gives particularly sport handling. the centre of roll is the level with the front axle in the centre of the vehicle about which the body pivots when subjected to lateral forces,e.g. when cornering.

Anti-roll bar

A tubular anti-roll bar is used on models with front wheel drive, while a solid bar is used on quarrto models. The link rod is a carry over part from the Audi A3.

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