Sunday, 18 March 2012

suspension system for AUDI TT (front axle)


Front Axle 

An improved version of  the McPherson suspension is employed. The design of the front axle is identical to that of the Audi A3. Track width is 13mm wider on each side than the Audi A3. Detail modifications have been made to reflect the particularly sporty character of the Audi TT. In addition to the tuning parts (springs, dampers and antirool bars), the same axle components are used in all TT suspension variants.

System Components

The aluminium subframe bears the wishbones, the anti roll bar and steering gear of electromechanical steering system. the two brackets for mounting the wishbones are now common part. the Audi TT is living proof thant sportiness and lightweight design go hand in hand. the illustration shows the aluminium components of front axle.

Swivel Bearing, Wheel Bearing
The aluminium swivel bearing manufacturing using Cobapress technology is a new part its geometric design allows a wider track width to be achieved. stell bruhes are press fitted into the swivel bearing at the track rod and ball joint mounting points. the third generation wheel bearing is bolted to the swivel bearing. the wheel bearing are carry-over part from the Audi A3. The screws are now coated with a chomium 6 free material to protect the environment. the suspension strut is connected to the swivel bearing by a clamp coupling.


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